Cycling in Lanzarote = WIN

spainJust got back from a late summer sun holiday in Lanzarote, where I hired a road bike for a few days, and I have to say, I cannot recommend Lanzarote highly enough for road cycling.

Most people do mountain biking (or ironman triathlon training), but that looks too much like hard work to me! The roads are all new and perfect, there is no traffic, and the scenery is absolutely breathtaking. There are lots of hills (see on the left – 15% this bit!), but if you take them slowly, they are doable and fun.

You can see one of the routes I took here – it would’ve been the first part of an excellent 40 or 50k, but we got hit in the face by a tropical storm and had to come back (just my luck – it hadn’t rained for 18 months previously…). ou can see me under a convenient palm tree sheltering from the rain to the left.

I rented the bike off Papagayo Bike – a nice full carbon Trek machine, complete with helmet, cleats, etc., but it is better if you take your own gear; I hadn’t taken any gear because I didn’t think I’d be able to rent a road bike. I luckily found a bike shop in Puerto del Carmen – Pro Action BH – to get some padding and gloves. They didn’t have any shorts so I went for a bib (or “Mankini” as the wife calls it!), which I’m really into now.

I’ll definitely be going back for a more riding-centric holiday soon…

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